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DIN BEAUTY Multicultural, eco-friendly cosmetics

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DIN BEAUTY is the skincare range made for all “beauties,” whatever the culture and environment. It is the beauty line for all women who, for their own lifestyle or ethical reasons, seek products that are organic, alcohol-free, GMO-free, paraben-free, free of animal fats, and far from the “threats” and uncertainties of petrochemical and synthetic cosmetics.

The DIN BEAUTY range includes four products containing 28 active ingredients, with all the power of botanical extracts that have been part of ancient beauty formulas for generations. Our Anti-Aging Day Cream (firms and sculpts), Protective Skin-Balancing Cream for combination to oily skin (rebalances and cleanses skin’s ecosystem), Night Cream (firms skin and prevents signs of aging), and Deep Nourishment Cream for Dry Skin (provides long-lasting moisturizing and nourishment) are polysensorial products instantly absorbed by the skin, leaving a silky, “soft touch” sensation and a light, discreet scent.


DIN BEAUTY makes the most of ancient traditions, but always remains on the leading edge in formulation and galenical pharmacology. The range takes full advantage of recent discoveries in glycobiology (the study of the biology of saccharides) to reduce inflammation and decrease cellular response to colonization and pathogenic proliferation.

DIN BEAUTY skincare is also eco-friendly, made with 99.5% natural ingredients derived from green chemistry and contained in 100% environmentally friendly packaging (PVC-free, obtained from sustainably managed forests, and completely recyclable).

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