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Tonie Shin « NYX is doing great in Brazil and we’d love to replicate that to Paris”!

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Vice President in charge of the communication for NYX cosmetics in Los Angeles, we met beautiful Tonie Shin at her launch in Paris, last may 2013. A great opportunity for UFFP to get to discover a little bit more about the brand. NYX is a great cosmetic brand that allows women to be beautiful at friendly costs while proposing the same quality then certain other brands we won’ t mention; but are really visible. The Parisian gathering was an opportunity for us to get to understand the values of the brand and also try the collector’s items:  we can only tell you this : “  we are already super addicted to the  red mat lipstick “.

And most importantly dear UFFPians, not only the colors are great but a lot of the products are mineral based and the whole brand is PETA friendly!

A story by Feriel Berraies Guigny

NYX we believe, has nothing to envy to other more glamourous brands, as it proposes all we could wish in terms of quality and affordability. We also got the chance to discover one of  the spokes women covering Los Angeles offices, Tonie Shin who also explained to us that there is more to discover behind the glossy brand as she unveiled to us the  “ethical” side and behind the scene of its founder Tony K : yeap beauty can also have a heart,when it comes to empowering women from withing and making them look good to feel good. Read more about it in this interview.

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Interview with UFFP:

NYX tell us a little more about your brand? We are an international brand and we’ve been out for fourteen years. Even though we are an international brand our presence in Paris has not been strong.

So you are here to try to conquer a little more  of the European market? Indeed, this is our first press launch. Last year we started an office in Germany, so yes we are definitely interested in the European market !

Anywhere else in the World ? We are doing very well in Brazil and we would love to replicate this in Paris as a matter of fact.

Can we consider that  NYX is for all sort of skins? Yes it is and in terms of quality we can be considered like potentially equal to Mac or Bobby Brown. NYX is very well known by its colors. We are long lasting and richly pigmented and we have colors for everybody. If a brand can have anything, well we are that brand.

Backstage as well a private consumers? Make up artists love us. We are used by women who are too busy and have a lot of kids and are running around all day!

NYX proposes a makeup routine quick and simple? Yes we address our products to   women who work and have hectic schedules. For instance our curve eyeliner is a perfect example of how efficient and practical we can be. It is an ergonomically shaped liner that makes eyelining easier. We have 160 shades in one of our products: our eyeliner for instance. This ways, we also offer the possibility for professionals to experiment.

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Sephora could be a great spot for you in France? it’s Awesome that you actually mention this, because last year we launched NYX in Malaysia and India. We launched this year in Singapore as well and we had a huge success. We certainly hope to launch in Paris, as well this year.

NYX in USA? We expose in private salons as well as retail professional salons. But we are also in Mass. We are omnipresent because we are a makeup brand that can have everything. We are loved by everyday women and by bloggers and successful men!

How about ethical and make up?  We have a lot of products that are mineral based but we are not a mineral brand though but we are PETA friendly. No testing in animals. We are always looking for the best ingredients whatever product we create. That’s why people keep coming to us. NYX products really stand up for themselves. Go home and try it and you will see !

We make sure that all our manufacters respect the standards of quality and security for the  skin.

We put all our money not into advertising but we  prefer key press events and gorilla marketing and most of the resources go back into our products.

How about black beauty and your make up, Africa for instance? We’d love to be able to sell there. We have small distribution but obviously we would love  to merge more.

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Tonie Shin if I would tell you beauty with a  heart what would you reply ? I believe truly that beauty comes from within and yet NYX Is happy to make people aware of this beauty with just and eyeliner or a lipstick.  When you feel good and you smile that goes inside. Looking good gives you a chance to feel good. We do a lot of charity work as a matter of fact. Tony K our founder was just honored for Beauty tribe with the foundation that started helping patients of cancer and their caregivers with makeup and nail care. Just to help them feel better, when they go to the hospital or back home, when they cannot groom themselves.


Tony K comes from the retail and perfumery milieu and she wanted great quality products at friendly prizes. She did not want to spend fifty dollars to buy an eyeshaddow. She truly believes that what makes you look good makes you feel good !

It is really empowerment from within with a beautiful touch.

Thank you Tonie Shin !





 discover a magnificent brand as UFFP likes them : 

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