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A declaration of love to femininity and life : Alcozer jewels

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Inventing, creating and living, they are all but one « 

Giampiero Alcozer


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Alcozer & J is the jewelry brand by Giampiero Alcozer, designer who, after a lot of traveling and wondering around the world, elected Florence as his headquarter and in 1993 started creating jewelry with a strong emotinal impact in brass and semi-precious stones, inspired by the past and the tradition but also by using imaginative shapes and contemporary styles.

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The inspiration comes by jewels of the Italian Renaissance, jewelery of 1800 and the style of the American ’30s and ’40s, reinterpreted in a modern way by creating collections with a global flavor and wanting to express the character and the personality of each woman.

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Alcozer & J, three different collections designed, created and hand made in the workshop in Florence: Classic, featuring metal jewelry in brass with a classic style and a wide selection of subjects, Unic, limited edition and unique pieces, also in gold-plated brass with Svarovski cristals and semi-precious stones, the pendant-doll Dorella, whose outfits and hairstyles can change using a magnetic coupling system.

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All jewels are made of nickel free brass, gold-plated by electroplating baths in several steps, finally oven-glazed with a protected varnish. Garnets, corals, topazs, turquoises, aquamarines lapis lazuli, pearls, agates onix and black spinels come together balancing between reality and dream. The jewelry of Alcozer & J are sculpures to be admired from every angle for capturing the strenght and dynamism of Giampiero Alcozer’s creative and playful imagination.

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1.500 models are created each year and added to the historical archive of Alcozer & J which consists of more than 35.000 models.

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Alcozer & J celebrates in February its twentieth anniversary with an impressive 2014 collection: the novelties include jewels with wild and domestic animals and small insects, themes inspired by childhood and the world of toys, the bow-like ring , crowned faces and masks, Renaissance cherubs, romantic themes , watch-like bangles, bangles with single and double wires.

The classic themes of Alcozer & J , the prince-frog , wreaths , owls, marine themes, flowers, Byzantine and Renaissance crosses, have all been revisited in new compositions. The brooches are sumptuous and amazingly detailed masterpieces inspired custom- jewelery .

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Alcozer & J is currently  distributed in the flagship store in Florence, Rome, in the newly opened St. Petersburg store and in the best multibrand boutiques worldwide . Alcozer & J has recently opened an e-commerce website for direct sales to consumers around the world of the three collections and the latest news .

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