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Imane Ayissi Automn-Winter 2012-13 « Okiri »

Ajouté par , Le avril 3, 2012 , dans Créateurs éthiques, Fashion & Trends, Fashion Luxe

Entitled Okiri (« tomorrow » in Ewondo, the native language of Imane Ayissi), the Imane Ayissi Automn-Winter 2012-13 collection is inspired by the Kills (an english rock band) « future starts slow » and the Congolese artist Bodys Isek Kingelez whose works imagines the cities of the future.

« Future starts slow » is the current feeling of Imane Ayissi about our world : It’s time for new solutions concerning the environment and the energy, but also to build new relationships between people and continent, it’s time to create a new modernity, but actually very few new ideas appear and it seems very difficult to forget the old outlines. But as Kingelez shows it with his work, maybe the african societies can bring some of these new solutions…
So the collection tries to imagine fashion’s tomorrow, but because it’s almost impossible not to look behind, this collection mixes tradition and a new modernity.
As usual, because sustainability is the big question for the future, the collection uses only natural fabrics like wool, mohair, cashmere, silk, organic cotton and leather.

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