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On Aura tout vu presents Once upon a time: the winter collection !

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We call them in Paris  » les troublions de la mode  » meaning the wild and turbulent fashion designers because of their creativity that goes beyond borders and imagination. On aura tout vu is a fashion house with surprising, moved spirit while being very rafined, the whole in a parisian spirit of glamour and charm. The brand was founded in 1995 and evolved in 1998 to become “on aura tout vu”, a french expression meaning “you think you’ve seen it all”.
on aura tout vu  made its name at first by creating and producing exclusive fashion accessories, embroideries, buttons and garments for various haute couture brands  before starting its own brand collections of ready-to-wear, accessories and couture clothes, home design, fragrances end make-up…

For the winter collection, the brand presents :
Once upon a time…a chimeric kingdom

enchanted white,jewelled black,bright red exploded
Once upon a time…Queens
of a flaming day,from magical past,from heroic futur,with erupted beauty,with anarchic love,from oneric night ,enignatic rocker…

Queen of our dreams
Once upon a time…on aura tout vu
10 years,20 collections…an anniversary of « fil en aiguille »


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