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« Des Tigres et des Peintres » EXPO Fondation Blachére

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Musa, There are no tiger in africa, 2009, Assembled textiles

There are no Tigers in Africa


JUNE 29 – OCTOBER 7, 2012

Curator : Pierre Jaccaud

in 2012, Musa is the guest artist. He will present  his last creations in face to face with the works of other artists. The title is enigmatic and full of imagination, in direct contact with Musa’s works. He plays with the history of painting and  as well as our memories of images.

All the artists during this Exposition at la Fondation Blachére, will present paintings with colors, fabrics and ideas.

Suzanne et les veillards

“I have always liked the Delacroix tigers. I think they have a human quality that is not captured in photography which shows an exaggerate orientalist « tigritude » that negates their real nature (who knows the « real nature » of tigers ?). Delacroix representation of unreal, story book-tigers enables them to join his artistic menagerie with all the camels, horses, sultans, pirates, harems… etc. “The tiger does not proclam its tigritude, it pounces!” ( Soyinka)……  Musa

The Art of healing ink of textile

Musa is represented by the Galerie Pascal Polar in Brussels

Hassan Musa an artist that UFFP really fancies !

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