Posté le décembre 1, 2012

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KITOKO: fashion with a heart !

Posté le novembre 30, 2012

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Mesanga for the love of fashion

Posté le novembre 30, 2012

CEO/ Creative director of Mesanga fashion house was born and raised by a single mom in a little town called Buea. As a little girl she developed a keen interest in clothing and designing. She was baffled atthe lack of aesthetics and vowed to ... Lire la suite >


Posté le novembre 30, 2012

La créatrice des bijoux Decï puise son inspiration dans le riche patrimoine culturel de son passé. D’origine Bulgare, elle a toujours beaucoup voyagé avec sa famille. Les vestiges de ruines romaines, les monastères, les trésors byzantins ... Lire la suite >

Uptown Africa by Tina Lobondi

Posté le novembre 28, 2012

'Uptown Africa' is a Spring Summer collection that is inspired by, and plays with the use of African print in recent catwalk collections. Print has long been integral to Tina Lobondi designs. ... Lire la suite >

Dough a life passion for couture !

Posté le novembre 20, 2012

   Dima Kassis: once upon a time a fashion designer ... Lire la suite >

MaïProject : les chaussures qui font du bien à l’âme !

Posté le novembre 20, 2012

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House of Mary : a fully hearted young brand made in Philippines !

Posté le novembre 20, 2012

House of Mary : a brand made with  passion and heart ... Lire la suite >

Gabriela Flores « we constantly try to rescue ancient techniques “!

Posté le novembre 19, 2012

 photos DR KIRAH DESIGNS. Texte courtesy of UFFP toute reproduction interdite.  Kirah Design LAUREATE 2012 ... Lire la suite >

Funky Khanga hip and style !

Posté le novembre 18, 2012

A beautiful line of clothes coming straight from Tanzania and enhancing the art of wraping and creating collections made of wax    at the same time. ... Lire la suite >


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