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Mafi ethiopian fashion for excellence!

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MAFI is the better known name for Mahlet Afework. The brand was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Mafi started to design clothes in elementary school redesigning her school uniform for a fashion show. When she was 15years old, she designed dresses for a hip hop clip she made with her school friends.

Mafi is a multi-quality young woman who apart from designing cloths also worked as a model, actress and TV host. Mafi then for the first time got a chance to sing with renowned musician Jossy in the most loved piece of music-sounds metahwa. This has opened the chance for her to design different costumes for a number of well known music videos and films in Ethiopia. At the age of 20, Mafi has for the first time launched her S/S collection in 2009. Since then Mafi has been participating in a number of local and international fashion shows representing Ethiopia.

 MAFI  a fashion brand that glorifies Ethiopia

MAFI is a household name on the Ethiopian fashion scene; her designs are known for being hip chic and contemporary. Her clothes are designed for the fashion conscience woman who seeks an edgy, trendy, and yet unique look for their wardrobe. Mafi utilizes Ethiopian hand woven fabrics for her women and men’s wear. Mafi has recently launched her fabulous accessories and received much admiration and award for her outstanding creations.

Apart from fashion competitions and runways, Mafi has also been actively involved in social and community activities. She has also been recently appointed as Goodwill and Social Responsibility Ambassador for LG Electronics.

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