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The program of Talents Fashion Brazil : empowering women of rural areas !

The program of Talents Fashion Brazil  : empowering women of rural areas !
United Fashion for Peace, met Patrizia Aparecida, the chief coordinator of the program Talentos do Brazil in Paris last year. A beautiful encounter for two magnificent initiatives, here is the summary of our exchange.

The Talent Program in Brazil, created in 2005, aims to promote work andincome generation activities based on sustainable fashion crafts,organized in rural communities, focusing on sustainable empowerment withsocial, cultural, economic and environmental.

Developed by the Ministry of Agrarian Development (MDA) and Service toSupport Micro and Small Enterprises (Sebrae), the Talents of Brazil haspartnerships Texbrasil Program (APEX ABIT and Brazil) and with the supportof the German Cooperation Agency ( GTZ).

The unique program brings together 18 cooperatives of artisans andcraftsmen of the Family Agriculture, organized the Cooperative NationalBrand Single (Cooperúnica) located in 12 states.

Talent developed parts of Brazil are the result of the work and skill ofthe artisans some two thousand members of the family farm productiongroups supported by the program. Techniques are used, hand made are passedfrom generation to generation, with the beauty of natural materials, takenfrom the Brazilian biodiversity sustainably. Among the raw materials used  wool sheep, horsehair, jute fibers, the vine, the tururi of Muan leather fish, besides the traditional embroideries and laces of Minas Gerais and Piauí, among others .
The result of the careful work of these women ranges from clothing such as shirts, dresses, skirts and gowns, accessories such as handbags, hats,scarves and jewelry.

The groups are organized into cooperatives and are composed mostly bywomen that are based on the art of « handmade ». Since 2005, the project hasthe advice of renowned designers such as Mary De-sign, Jum Nakao, TerezaSantos, Heloisa Crocco, Imbroisi Renato Greco Design and Ronaldo Fraga.
They are also in the project Renato Loureiro and other great professionals of fashion and design groups that assist in the planning and development of collections.
Currently, the Talents of Brazil unites artisans and craftsmen in ruralcommunities in 12 Brazilian states, organized into 18 cooperatives, which together form the Cooperúnica (National Center). The cooperative has a portfolio of more than two million products.
The projection for the future of the project, the qualification of women and Coopeurnica company in which it is the owners, improving more and more products and expanding the market. We plan to extend the methodology involving new groups of women in Brazil, new types of raw materials and involve other country, creating a global network of women, focusing on consumer awareness campaign fashion sustainable family farmers.
Importantly, the strengthening of the brand of Sustainable Fashion andappreciation of handmade products.

Brazil, has a strong approach to biodiversity because it introduces a richdiversity of raw materials of nature, which provides a great opportunityto generate employment and income in rural areas and enhancement ofbiodiversity products, for example in the world cup 2014 will be anopportunity to present the mix of sustainable products to tourists.
Respect for the environment is a priority development actions in theexpansion of family farming enterprises.

The partnership approach to joint ventures, are fundamental to the growth of enterprises and shone through the PSE (partnership with the businesssector), both in supporting projects, and partnerships in the market.
Today we have some partnerships that has been working. It is necessary todisseminate the results and seek partnerships in each segment, involving farmers directly in the process, thereby generating socio-economic emancipation of women with dignity.

The President of the Republic considers a priority, public political aimed at empowering women in rural areas and enhancement of products developedby them, thus enhancing the Brazil brand and value-added and income rawmaterial andtechniques from generation to generation . « A rich country isa country without poverty » is the slogan of the President of Brazil.

The methodology of the project Talents of Brazil, whose production shaft, the organization of production, management, product and market, is being implemented in other countries, currently in El Salvador involving 10 200women organized in cooperatives, the purpose is to strengthen the project, expanding the supply capacity of the sustainable fashion products in the
international market, valuing women’s work and identity of each country.

We believe in the ethical project to the world, especially when we talk
about respect and appreciation of women,
they just need the opportunity to win and win markets. The Talent Project of Brazil is a result that can be expanded and multiplied, they are 6 years of design and control the change of concept, showing that the valuation techniques, the professionalization of women and the exchange of knowledge among artisans and designers produce amazing results in segment of sustainable fashion, so you need a campaign of appreciation of ethical products, products with added value

Congratulations to United, the initiative FASHION FOR PEACE, we arewilling to support this initiative, as it has results of a methodology thatcan be implemented in any country generating positive results of public
policies and the empowerment of women and sustainable products.

The idea of visiting Brazil, bu the Caravan is fantastic Peace, we can schedule its arrival preferably to coincide with a fashion event in Brazil, making a strong campaign for consumer awarenessand disseminating the results to the World.

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