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V A S K O L G sculptural jewellry fall and winter collection

Ajouté par , Le septembre 1, 2014 , dans Accessories, Bijoux, Fashion & Trends, Fashion Luxe, Tendances de la saison

Olga Kiwerski grows in an artistic environment, travels all around the world experimenting the limits of her creativity with passion. Heightened sensitivity,dense natural curiosity and instinct are transcribed in the sculptures to wear VASKOLG. She includes her taste to live dangerously to all creations, from lighter to more poisonous ones.
« Freedom is not given to us, we must take it » Meret Oppenheim Olga Kiwerski focuses on craftsmanship and Couture
expertise to imagine VASKOLG sculptural jewelry. She proposes architectural and rhythmic body adornments in limited edition or unique piece. Purist with a baroque soul, Olga’s style reflects the contemporary while implying the future. With disconcerting proportions, the new EYEcollection retells the story of her journey through
India.  Splendor and ornaments are diverted.

Vaskolg - AGNI (Copier)

Invitation to dream and self-confidence are communicated.

Vaskolg - AADI (Copier)
Materials express strong emotions and ecological philosophy: Euphoric notes of gold and silver threads, lava stone, metal, feathers and true eternal roses, crystals and leather, paper, labradorit and onyx,

Vaskolg - AWAKE (Copier)
vintage silk sari, pearls and corals, pure ceramic and precious wood, and new technologies (BRAVA, audio
player, articulated light system, USB key…).

Vaskolg - EROTIC (Copier)


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