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Agnes Erdocio cofounder Miss East Africa » Iman and Liya are our black representatives » !

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Agnes Erdocio is one of the cofounder of MISS EAST AFRICA,UFFP had the pleasure to quickly exchange with her after  the event took place.

UFFP president Mrs Feriel Berraies Guigny surrouding the beauty pageants

UFFP president Mrs Feriel Berraies Guigny surrouding the beauty pageants

From left to right: Agnes Erdocio MISS EA from Kenya and Jacinta Surcouf

UFFP brief interview:


Mme Marie-Agnes Erdocio Interview

Are you for natural or « fake beauty » ?

First of all I hate bleached skin, if one bleaches her skin it means she is a shamed of being an african.

Natural Hair of course but not against some extensions.


Nappy or not  Nappy ?

I am for natural beauty, nappy movement is vulgar.

There are many African models , they have to work twice than others to get up there, am not saying about racism, but its something they go through even in 2016.

Your vision on african beauty and its presence in western catwalks ?

Iman and Liya are our black representatives, they showed that a black woman can do it and we can’t thank them enough, they worked hard, sweated , cried plus anger to prove to the world they were able!

Are you in contact with ancient misses ?

We are still in contact with the ancient misses, when opportunity presents we try to involve them, we are still trying to make our event work.

How can we participate ?

The criteria’s to participate , you have to have natural beauty, between, 18 to 27 yrs old, from one of the East African countries, resides in France and others

When was the first Miss East Africa France ?

First miss east African was ln 2010

Why Miss east African? The idea was to launch the East African beauty and culture, East African is known for its safaris, beaches but not the people leaving in those countries, their cultures, dances, and their women’s beauty and how we live, we wish to incite tourist to get out of their hotels and see what other side east Africa has to offer.

Flash Back on the founders : 

Miss East Africa France was founded in 2010 and established with the aim of celebrating the East African Woman while appreciating her beauty, her intellect as mama Africa, her gracefulness, her competences and skills, together with all the unique attributes she exhibits. The Pageant enables East African girls in France to shine the spotlight on East Africa, tell their stories to the world, inspire one another, build self esteem, and feel beautiful inside and out. This pageant is like no other, the delegates are very intelligent young women from some of the most respected educational institutions in France, with careers spanning from the Sciences to the Arts, some in Medical School or Pharmacy School, and others are upcoming Journalists or Human Rights Activists and more.

The founder and brain child behind this project of Miss East Africa France is Mrs. Jacinta Surcouf. In 2010, armed with a mission to display the richness of the cultural and ethnic values within the East African Community, she was inspired to do something to unite the East African Community in France and with a small income, she managed to put together the first Miss East Africa France. She notes that it has not been an easy task to build such a strong community of East Africa Diaspora but it is happening and it is something to celebrate.  The greatest challenge is the ability to sustain the pageant financially because sponsorship has become very difficult.  The Pageant depends on charitable contributions and sponsorship and each year it is a struggle but we are adopting new ways of working to keep it going, Says Mrs Surcouf.

MISS EAST AFRICA FRANCE is from Kenya this year

MISS EAST AFRICA FRANCE is from Kenya this year

Other co-founding members are Mrs Marie-Agnes Erocido, who is the Deputy Director, who joined in 2011 and Project Manager Ms Bauwa Alambo.

The Pageant also seeks to promote East African culture through fashion, dance, Art while helping to build and showcase a very strong and vibrant East African Diaspora in France. The pageant has certainly attracted  highly motivated young women with extra ordinary stories who will participate in Cultural celebrations and Fashion shows in France throughout their pageant experience. The organizers plan to develop the finest ambassadors who will not only become role models to the East African Community in the Diaspora but also to young women around the world. Miss East Africa France is registered in France under French laws.


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