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Soudeh Rad iranian activist : “ the change will come from the net information ” !

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We met iranian activist and researcher in Human Rights, Soudeh Rad after the launch of her petition to nobelise pakistani young activist Malala. UFFP told you about  this  young remarkable pakistani girl who was shot down two months ago, in her native village by Taliban forces. This homage through the launching of Soudeh Rad petition,  is a great symbol of love and solidarity of all women of the world willing to fight for female freedom and self determination, against the intolerance and darkness of conservative and regressive Islamic movements.

UFFP President Fériel Berraies Guigny criminologist,former diplomat and journalist, herself   Tunisian born and social activist,  met with Soudeh Rad to expose with her the crucial issues that touches respective countries : Iran, Pakistan and Tunisia.



Malala was shot a few months ago by Talibans in her native village in Pakistan. No more atrocities against women of the world.

A story by UFFP President Fériel Berraies Guigny


1/ Soudeh can you tell us a little about yourself ?  My name is Soudeh Rad, I’m a human right activist as well as doing research on human rights. I’m specifically a researcher on Human rights with a special focus on women’s rights in Iran. I’m presently doing research work in a London based Institution named “ Justice for Iran”.

2)What triggered the need to launch this appeal to nobelise Malala on the platform I launched the petition because Malala is a role model and a big symbol for all the young girls and women who are deprived of their rights to education and self expression. Education, self expression and gender equality is a common right but infortunately not in all countries. Although she’s only 15 years old now, she’s been struggling already when she was 9 years of age. It took a lot of courage and resilience, putting  her own physical and moral integrity in danger to try to pursue her dream: going to school and having the right to choose her destiny as a future woman ! She deserves the Nobel prize for all her actions.

3)Who supported the petition in the Word, wich politicians or governements ? In Canada the prime Minister was one of the first to do so, and then all the presidents of different canadian political parties did sign as well. In Italy, Dario Fo the former Nobel Prize for literature in 1997 did sign, M Antonio di Pietro, Italian politician as well. In France we got the signature of 150 parliamentaries or deputees,  we continued our petition also with the French Minister for Women Ms Najat Vallaud Belkacem who did put the link of the petition in her blog. The Prime Minister of France,  M Jean Marc Ayrault as well.

4) Can you tell us briefly about the situation of women in Iran? Women are participating in the economical and political life in Iran, more then 70 % of the students entering the campus are women.

But in their rights, there is a big regression since years now in Iran. The Revolution brought and meant regression in all the domains for women of my country.

5/ Still feminists exist? Yes we have small victories, feminists movements exist in Iran. But after the elections many feminists were pushed to leave the country. They are also jailed. It’s a big challenge for them to stay in Iran and continue their battle!

6/ In iran we give a bad name to feminist activism? Yes absolutely that is what they say and show about us, we are considered like evil, worthless. We also never dare to talk about hijab in Iran. For those women who dare protest on their life conditions in the country, they meet frequently violence and intimidation. But most importantly we call them “ sluts” and unworthy, a real policy to denigrate them, to  reduce them in order to attempt to put into silence their legitimate calls.

7/ Their policy to reduce women is based on lies? Yes it is a tactic they use to make people hate us. If we protest, we take the risk to put our families and ourselves in danger.

8/ The same scenario went for Malala ? exactly, Malala was a threat to the Talibans, she represented the freedom and dignity for women. They wanted to shut her down to eradicate any hope or desire for women self determination and expression. The message of the Talibans was strong “ if you want to be a Malala, we will shoot you, so beware of any desire for education or freedom” !

9/ The tunisian scenario after the revolution brought the worse for women rights, we today violate and intimidate women who want to keep their freedom and laicity, what is your vision of all this?

The real war is between two part : not having access to information and in counterpart, giving lies to the people to mislead them. This is what happened in Tunisia, their hope and wishes were broken because the islamist government betrayed Tunisian people. When you don’t have the real information, you can make the wrong decisions. So when you elect democratically a party under false information, it is no more about democracy but theft of voices and trust!

10) From medias, what is the most important job you expect from them? We must have access to the real information to spread it out, so every one can make the right decisions. Malala used internet to express her opinions, today we too are doing the same thing with, to create the change, and now UFFP.

11) The philosophy of UFFP is to build the chain, what do you think of this initiative? I think the change should come from all party and media has also it’s part to do. Being neutral and spreading the good information most importantly.

12/ Does UFFP speak to you ? first of all I would like to thank UFFP / UNITED FASHION FOR PEACE for her devotion and interest for human rights and women rights. Your work is noble and worthy. And for women of the world, for my sisters of the Planet “ stand up for your rights “ !



To Sign the petition and give the nobel prize to Malala dear UFFP readers !!!


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