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DEPLOY fashion with a conscience !

Established in London in 2006, DEPLOY MISSION  is to ‘deploy’  their expertise in customisation to make fashion more sustainable; less wasteful. Dressing you better while reforming the fashion supply chain.

Timless styles  thoughtfully designed around you. Conceived by Dr. Bernice Pan, who originally trained as an architect, each garment is thoughtfully designed with your lifestyle in mind, and rigorously constructed with the five key components of exquisite fabrics, fine-tailoring, functional versatility, lasting style and fit perfection.


Currently celebrating 15 years as a trailblazer of sustainable style, DEPLOY, a specialist design house and one of the leading voices tackling fashion’s sustainability crisis, cuts to the heart of what ethical fashion really means, with its innovative, eco-conscious designs.


Given that fashion is one of the most polluting industries, producing more carbon annually than aviation and shipping combined2, and with many fashion brands now criticised for greenwashing3, there has never been a better time to examine how we shop – especially when the latest research highlights fashion as our number one priority purchase, post-pandemic4. And yet these vital issues are not being scrutinised during COP26.


“I set up DEPLOY 15 years ago as a strategic action plan to reform fashion, because it was clear to me that the industry was heading for a breaking point,” says Dr Bernice Pan, founder of DEPLOY. “Today we are at that crisis point.”


But there’s something simple consumers can do: They can use their purchasing power to make a positive difference by choosing genuine, rigorous efforts to deliver change.


Investing in one of DEPLOY’s innovative pieces, such as its multifunctional 5-in-1 Abacus coat dressmeans owning an all-season coat, a cropped jacket, a blazer, a pencil skirt and a tailored dress. With the same cost per wear as a purchase from the high street (whose throwaway fashion is cluttering our wardrobes and planet at the rate of 100 billion garments per year5), this considered design approach enables DEPLOY to use 80% less water, pay garment workers three times the UK minimum wage, and generate five times more design variety.


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