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Flip Flop recycling company: protecting nature and making beautiful items !

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From Editor Fériel Berraies Guigny

One thing I love about Ethical Fashion Show, is that each year you meet amazing dedicated and engaged artists. Not only for a fashion addict like me it is a pure joy of the eyes, but you are a  sustainably orientated concerned person it is indeed a double treat :  you can be fashionable and protect nature and moreover  help « your brother » and feel good about it!

Bracelet Gedi – Kilakitu

We really had a crush yesterday at the opening season of this now eagerly awaited event, when we met beautiful kenyan Rachel, who was there to represent the Brand. In a world and a planet suffocating by waste and pollution, the Flip Flop recycling compagny seemed to have found a way to make beauty out of the worst ! Connecting the world with this initiative from homes to beaches, millions of the world’s citizens choose to wear flip flops. Today Flip Flops go beyond the sole and are making a fashion statement in the world of ethical , unique jewelry.

Bracelet Gedi-Blue

From small waves to high tide, fusing Fashion and eco responsiblity !

Dear readers, discover the amazing commitment of a compagny who makes beauty and conscience and FASHION !

And stay tuned for our upcoming reports on our best choices of brands from this salon !

Again a big up to isabelle Quéhé and Messe Frankfurt !

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