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The Wrap Me Up collection by Fée Uhssi

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The Wrap Me Up collection is a capsule collection compiling statement pieces Based on Fée Uhssi’s concept: The Art of fashion Wrapping. Each garment can be worn in many different ways with pieces designed with clever reversible, convertible, multi-way systems to creating many different style options.


Entitled Light & Shadow, this new season edition of the Wrap Me Up collection is paying tribute to Mother Earth with prints and colours celebrating the beauty of nature.


The collection highlights the natural textiles bespokly handmade in West Africa as part of Fée Uhssi’s charity & social project Bolono Mali; natural local african cotton, handpainted with mud and plants following the traditional and ancestral techniques of Bogolan also known as mudcloth.




The brand is all about finding unity in diversity, a research on mixing cultures and styles to find balance, harmony and beauty. Fée Uhssi is aiming to incorporate the legendary sense of elegance from Africa in a fashionable modern and urban interpretation. She loves to mix and match colours, prints, textures and cuts taking inspiration from all over the world.


Fée Uhssi blends cultures, fabrics, colours, prints and shapes in order to create clothing-accessories that can perfectly match any mood, style and trend. The designs can be easily adapted to fit every body shape, making women look and feel beautiful.



Fée Uhssi views the body as a precious gift and clothing as the packaging of this gift, which should emphasises a woman’s shape and curves. The aim is to make any women feel beautiful, powerful and free regardless of their body shape, age or ethnicity. The garments help to define the wearer’s style, with the multi functional pieces adapting to their personality, body shape, culture, mood and style.


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