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Gabriel de La Chapelle Dust portraits

Ajouté par , Le novembre 2, 2015 , dans Art Expo, Evasion, LifeStyle

Fantastical shapes kept looming out of this dusty mist. Landmarks were gone and only a vague feeling of wavering and loneliness remained in this dreamland. I felt foreign to this anachronistic situation. That sand, creeping in all possible places and gaps, suffocating all.


One walks in that desert, dazed and confused, with the feeling they are alone on earth… until the next ghostly encounter.



A couple, embracing on the lunar ground, almost covered in dust, is almost only made visible to me by a red dress popping out of an otherwise monochromatic world. Even the sun, still shining above our heads, looks like it belongs to another planet or reality. A moment out of time, out of our tangible world. »



bio of the artist
Trained in Graphic arts and in photography at the Ecole Duperre then at Les Gobelins l’Ecole de l’image, Gabriel de la Chapelle began his career as a graphic designer. Gradually, throughout his travels, photography has become his means of expression and guided his career. Gabriel photographs for advertising and takes portraits while continuing his artistic research and personal projects at the same time.He draws his inspiration from urban settings and the cultural shocks experienced during his travels. Gabriel is particularly interested in human relationship and does not think twice about staging his models to better reveal them.



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