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Karen Chekerdjian Design in movements

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Designing emerges from the familiar, the ordinary, the patterns of nature, the rhythm of routine, the materiality of the everyday. Moments are indistinct, origins are arbitrary, endings are capricious. Forms are undefined, constantly changing circumstances and rearranging states.


Movement towards potentialities for change and the extraordinary.


Continuous becoming.


Karen Chekerdjian’s work invites ambiguity, a paradoxical situation that throws everything into question, perpetuating constant change. Nothing stays in place for too long.


Each individual piece, structured and formed by hand, bares the imprint of a multitude of gestures, lived experiences and narratives.

design 2Each discrete work is in constant pursuit of an indistinct, perhaps even unachievable finality, as every transformation brings about a change in its purpose and influence.


The relationships between the different elements of the collection are constantly being redefined. 


The works feed off of each other and are in perpetual transition.


Beginnings are only revealed in retrospect.   





A starting point.


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