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Manish Mandhana « … Being Ecologically conscious and Socially responsible is a part of the DNA of Being Human » !

 Manish Mandhana is the Joint Managing Director of  Mandhana Industries  and is also one of its Promoters. He  has successfully ran the company with 10 production units, 4700 employees and offices at Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai & Paris.He has an extensive and rich entrepreneurial experience in diverse areas of marketing, design, merchandising, production & management.
UFFP United Fashion For Peace the international ethical fashion platform based in Paris, gave to the brand, the international Covers ( for Europe and Asia)   this month of April. UFFP has programmed this brand for its Next  fashion Caravan, this coming month of May, at le Viaduc des Arts, a very trendy place in the french Capital.
Focus on this proeminent business orientated personnality of the month.
Manish Mandhana - Salman Khan (2)
from left to righ: Manish Mandhana fashion distributor and Salman Khan Founder of Being Human Foundation : all rights reserved
Interview with Manish Mandhana :

1 Tell us about your friendship with  founder of BEING HUMAN, Mr Salman Khan ?

  Salman Khan besides being one of the biggest Bollywood superstars in the country, is a really nice soul with a massive heart that loves to share. I have known him for a number of years now and he’s like family. Salman is normally extremely busy with his blockbuster cinemas that he makes as am Iwith my business, but whenever we catch up its like two regular pals hanging out together and having fun. He has a great sense of humor and is down-to-earth kinda guy really, much unlike his on-screen persona. The Salman Khan Being Human Foundation is very close to his heart and he is cabsolutely committed to the causes the foundation takes up.


2 When was the brand created? what is the social orientation and the ethical aspect of this brand?

The brand « Being Human » was launched in 2010.The brand however was conceived 2 years prior to the launch. We went through series of ideations and a phase of incubation, where we discussed the identity, purpose and the DNA of this brand. We launched « Being Human » as and extension to the foundation that the Khan family had set up and wanted to use it as a channel to give back to the society and serve the underprivileged, especially women and children. The clothing line was conceived and continues to act as a CATALYST to help the foundation partner with causes of education and healthcare for those in need on a much larger scale and in more fulfilling ways. Every product that a consumer buys from Being Human contributes to the charitable causes in however minuscule nonetheless significant way. The owner of a Being Human product carries the tangible satisfaction of a well made, good looking product and the intangible feeling of having contributed towards a social cause.

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3 Ethical brand means ecofriendly and sustainability,how is the brand positionned?

Being Human strives to be an affordable and fashionable brand of clothing that is tailored for a global consumer who is aware of trends and dresses to enhance his/her personality. Being Ecologically conscious and Socially responsible is a part of the DNA of the brand. There is a lot of stress on the use of sustainable raw materials and we absolutely insist on social compliances across the global manufacturing facilities that we employ to manufacture and procure our goods from.

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4 Can you tell us of the material used ? conditions of work?

We try and use organic cotton in our cotton based products. We are naturally drawn towards products and processes like washing that minimize the usage of water. We insist that the factories indulging in the wet processes for us recycle the water. We stay away from the known eco-detrimental processes such as sand blasting. We ensure that we work with and only with facilities that are socially compliant and follow the standards set by the respective nations.

5 who wears Being  Human ? where can we buy it?

A man or a woman who is aware of and is sensitive to the society we live in and feels responsible for the immediate environment that we live in.

Someone who wants to look good and also wants the satisfaction of thus doing good, participate and contribute to the change we wish to see in the world. Very soon the kids will join in as well with our upcoming collection of kidswear. Being Human is made available to its customers through omni-channels including EBOs, MBOs, Franchisees, distributor networks and on all major e-tailors.

6 Can you tell us about the collections? eshop and new shops to open eventually in Africa or America? how about Europe, where can we find you?

Being Human today is available in France, in select stores, and in throughout Europe via , all the Middle East countries including the UAE with our partner Landmark across the Splash stores. In India Being Human is made available through 33 EBOs, 150 SIS formats and across all the major e-tailors many of whom facilitate shipping abroad. There are many channels being explored at the moment and to make the brand reach a wider audience and customer base. We have got very encouraging responses from the EU markets, South Africa and Canada as well which will get added on in the very near future.


Thank you Mr Mandhana !

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