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DANYÉ launches the New Collection DESERT DIARIES

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The whole production takes place in Africa and it is characterized by the contemporary designs, the use of natural and recycled materials, traditional skills and its commitment to sustainable development of the local communities.


DANYÉ presents its collections of unique handcrafted decorative products.


Thanks to the exclusive relationship between DANYÉ and manufacturers these products are on offer to anyone that is looking for something different.

DANYÉ - Desert Diaries Collection - Elephant (Copier)

Each and every piece is made individually, which makes it unique. The whole manufacturing process is characterized by the use of natural and recycled materials, traditional skills, creativity in the designs, quality manufacturing and commitment to the local culture and the development of the region.


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DANYÉ launches the New Collection DESERT DIARIES


DESERT DIARIES is a story about two San (Bushmen group) children – !Nanni et Tamme-.

Over a century ago they travelled from the northern borders of Botswana to Cape

Town and were taken into custody for unknown reasons.  Pioneering linguists Lucy

Llody and William Bleek, took them into their care in 1880.

They asked the youngsters to record as much as possible about the plants they used

and ate, the animals they encountered in Botswana and on their journey to the Cape

and the folk tales that they had grown up with.

Our own research revealed a book documenting their story and their own hand

drawings; an incredibly rare archive of children’s experiences of both the violence

of the colonial frontier and of just being children.


Through further exploration of !Nanni and Tamme’s remarkable story, the artist,

Amanda du Plessis, has created a really poetic textil collection on linen.  She has

taken the current colour burst trend into consideration.  She has also included new

embroidery tecniques and added deep dyed elements to build futher textures to the






DD2 Elephant – 90 x 60 cm

Printed linen. Linen back


DD2 Museum – 90 x 60 cm

Printed linen. Linen back


C. Curia, 18.   31001 Pamplona.  Spain   Tel. +34 948 229 771

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